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If Wine Determined the 2015 Rugby World Cup

If the quality of a county's wine determined the 2015 Rugby World Cup, which team would win?


What’s Happening in October

The Winerist covers the world's best food and wine events and festivals happening in October.


Rueda Wine: Spain’s Best-Kept White Wine Secret

Have you ever tried a Verdejo wine? Probably not, and you’re missing out.


What Does Aerating Wine Actually Do?

Do you know what aerating wine actually does? Adrian Smith explains how it works.


Wine Trends: 2015 Summer Recap and Fall Forecast

What are the latest trends in wine? Read them here in our summer recap and fall forecast report.


World Tourism Day: 20 Wineries To Visit around the World

September 27 is World Tourism Day. Celebrate by taking part in wine tourism. Here are 20 wineries to help you.


Taste vs. Smell: What's More Important When It Comes to Wine?

When we taste wine, do we rely more on taste or smell to pick up the flavor of the wine?

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