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Les Portes de Bordeaux Bordeaux 2010

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Light with notes of sour cherry and dry. Would not buy again.
Another Grocery Outlet buy. Enjoying it with my celery root cake.
The nose is restrained--I think it needs to open up more. Some bell pepper and maybe even a little olive (?!) underneath the cherry. The flavors are a bit more evocative of currants (thanks, Warren) and plum. Pleasant tannins, but it fades too soon, too soon.

Overall, this a 2009 that's probably past its prime. However, I am thankful for it and a family to drink it with. To everyone celebrating dinner tonight, whether Thanksgiving or not--sláinte!
Easy on the nose.. Drinks like vinegar.
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About the Winery

Les Portes de Bordeaux
Number of Wines 10
Average Rating 3.2
Region Bordeaux
Country France

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2011 3.2
2010 3.1
2009 3.0

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