Marques de Grinon Syrah - Petit Verdot Dominio de Valdepusa Caliza 2007

Marques de Grinon Syrah - Petit Verdot Dominio de Valdepusa Caliza 2007
Winery Marques de Grinon
Wine Region Dominio de Valdepusa
Regional Style Spanish Red
Country Spain
Food Pairing


3.8 199 Ratings


20.99 USD
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This wine tastes so similar to all the vino tinto I drank in most of the tapas bar while in Spain. It had that blueberry/raspberry fruitiness most of the wines had from the lesser known DO's. The bottle still tastes very fresh and fruity despite being 7 years old. It's tastes like a wine meant to be drank young but at the same time still seems to have a lot of aging potential. Even at 7 years there seemed to be a pretty tannic finish. Also like the wine in Spain its dirt cheap for a great bottle.
Fruit still beautiful for 2007...I mean really beautiful the longer it sit...
A wonderful wine. Amazing at this price point. Drinkable with the Syrah and petite Verdot combining in subtle, yet complex way.
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About the Winery

Marques de Grinon
Number of Wines 27
Average Rating 3.7
Country Spain

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2008 3.8
2007 3.8
2006 3.9

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