Masti Chianti Classico 2008 Avg. Rating: 3.4 (24 ratings) Avg. Price: $30.36 Abruzzo · Italy

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Masti Avg. Rating: 3.4 (2132 ratings) Abruzzo · Italy

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You say “Italian wine” and you say Chianti. Even if fine wine is produced in the whole country and there are renowned wine regions in Piedmont and northeastern Italy as well, Chianti is still synonymous with top-quality, full-bodied Italian red wine.

Regional Style

Italian Chianti Classico

With a medium body, high acidity and firm tannins, Chianti Classico is an amazingly popular wine both in Italy and around the world. Usually entirely fermented from Sangiovese grapes, tart cherry, red plum, strawberries and fig please the nose and palate when enjoying this wine. Chianti Classico may only come from the Classico region of Tuscany. Think of it as the “premiere” version compared to the Chiantis of several other surrounding Chianti producing regions. Chianti Classico has very strict blending requirements. It is a red wine that comes from Tuscany and can contain no amount of w...Read more

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