Palacio del Conde Valencia Gran Reserva 2006

Palacio del Conde Valencia Gran Reserva 2006
Winery Palacio del Conde
Wine Region Valencia
Regional Style Spanish Red
Country Spain
Food Pairing


3.5 235 Ratings




I'm sitting on a leather lounge in a haze of water pipe tobacco smoke filled labyrinth. Deep in conversation about the prices of chickens in China, I'm asked "what does shit taste like?". I reply "your mum's humour!". Without hesitation and a taste of blood on the tip of my tongue I then rhetorically ask "what does no bullshit taste like?". I lift my heavy glass in my hand and smile.......where back to the chicken debate and it's all water under the bridge.
I'm coming down from a cold so I'm having difficulty picking up notes on the nose, but there is definite over ripe strawberries on a dry palate, not sure if it's my stuffy nose or if it's the wine, but it's pretty muted though nice.
Mature, Good Body, Dry and Smooth
Very nice for a medium body red with a bite!
Private User rated it 4.0
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About the Winery

Palacio del Conde
Number of Wines 21
Average Rating 3.3
Region Valencia
Country Spain

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2007 3.4
2006 3.5
2005 3.2

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