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Trader Joe's Cabernet Sauvignon Coastal 2012

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Yay! TJ saves the day! On a blind tasting I hosted featuring three cabs at increasing price points, the $4 Coastal beat out the $60 Jordan with 5 out of 6 panelists! A lush garnet hue imbued in spices, cranberries, blueberries with a hint of chocolate and pepper. I will trade the Jordan for some Trader Joe's and sip merrily away with a fatter wallet. ♡
not bad for $5 bottle of wine. Nothing great but just okay wine! A bit thin, But at this price point it's good. Good for a midweek wine.
For the price... Can't beat TJ's Cab!
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About the Winery

Trader Joe's
Number of Wines 140
Average Rating 3.3
Region California
Country United States

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2013 3.2
2012 3.1
2011 3.3

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